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3Dchalk.com was founded by world renowned American artist Sean Fitzpatrick. He is a self taught artist whose works have been featured on multiple national media outlets that include the likes of GMA, The Today Show, Rachael Ray, 20/20, The Talk and countless others. His unique skill set and engaging personality has made him extremely  popular with some of the largest, most successful companies in the world.  Sean has also contributed a great deal of innovation to the 3D street art world with the offering of his industry exclusive portable, reusable, modular 3D street art. You can learn more about this unique product in our services section.

We create  artistic experiences
that engage consumers with your brand.

3D chalk art is one of the most shared forms of visual art on social media today. Unlike traditional street art or graffiti, 3D chalk art and 3D street art  both work by distorting the artwork towards one or more visual reference points. When viewed from this vantage point the artwork takes on a three-dimensional appearance. While most people will be able to see the illusion with the naked eye, it is best viewed through a camera lens. What's more, the ability to mix real objects and people within the finished artwork makes for a perfect photo opportunity that people are eager to share with their friends, family,coworkers and followers.

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We work with the best brands because we work with your brand.

World renowned street artist Sean Fitzpatrick  of 3Dchalk.com has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. He is available for live chalk or hand painted 3d street art performances in all 50 states and beyond. His artwork can also be created in studio and shipped to be completed or displayed on location. (See Portable Street art) Digital hand painted large format files also available .

3D Chalk is ready when you know exactly what you want and need it to be exact.
We are also ready when you have no idea what you want but want it to be really cool.

Creating the perfect  custom 3D street painting and chalk art takes time and understanding . I take pride in personally consulting with every client. While I have many cool examples this page, It is important make each piece custom crafted to each clients unique specifications.  My goal is to make the creative process as efficient and painless as possible. I'm used to working with  creative directors of all types. This allows me to be as hands off or hands on as I need to be for any variety of client needs. Once a clear creative direction is established its on to concept creation.

Concepts get visualized.
Illusions get tested
Sketches get approved.

Concept creation of 3d street art requires precise measurements and a clear understanding of your vision. I take all the information I gathered from the creative direction phase and apply that to my top three sketches. These sketches are a communication tool used to determine the final design.  Once a clear direction has been established  its on to content creation.

3D chalk direct application.
Hand painted 3D street art direct application.
Hand painted  3D murals.

Direct application refers to both paint and chalk when applied directly to the sidewalk, street or wall.  There are certain conditions and restrictions that should be considered when choosing this option. Both 3d chalk and paint are suseptible to weather conditions with chalk being the most sensitive.
 You will also need to obtain special use permits from either the city or land owner. Many cities have anti graffiti laws that make getting these permits very difficult to obtain. While we do not provide direct permitting services, we will be happy to let you know all your options and give you the proper referrals.
Since most direct application  pieces take more than one day to complete, overnight security may be required in  certain situations. You may also be responsible for removing the artwork post event.

We saw a need.
We created a solution.
We made it easier than ever
to get custom hand
painted 3D street art.
Now delivered straight
to your door.

Our industry first and exclusive, custom, modular panels has opened up  3D street   art  to a whole new world of possibilities. The panels are a high quality composite  material with a water resistant backing. The  surface is also textured to resemble a real street surface.
The artwork can be started in my studio and either shipped complete or just enough so that it can be completed live on site. The 3D street art can be easily shipped and assembled on any flat horizontal surface or select custom vertical surfaces indoors or out. Since the Artwork is modular and portable you won't require any permitting other than a simple space use permit. There is also no issue with security or clean up issues since the artwork can simply be packed up and sent to another location for reuse or permanent display.
Imaging for about the same cost of temporary 3d chalk art you could now get a permanent reusable work of art thats easy to ship anywhere.
Our simple square foot pricing model is also industry exclusive. It includes all materials, design fees, concept sketches and ground shipping. If on-site live performance is requested pricing also includes the time on site. Travel expenses are additional. Call 781-249-1494 or email Sean@3dchalk.com.

Our Process

concept sketches

1. Sketches

We provide multiple sketches during the creative process.

color proofs

2. Color Proofs

Once the sketch is approved, you will receive a color proof of the final design.


3. Activation

Once you approve the color proof, the design is ready for activation.

Sean Fitzpatrick

Sean Fitzpatrick


Sean Fitzpatrick

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Sean Fitzpatrick


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It is said that we are merely a sum of our parts. That being the case, you will be in good company when choosing 3Dchalk.com. I combine almost a half a century of technical drawing expertise with an uncompromising demand for quality and an overwhelming desire to entertain,

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